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Provides residential supports through Host Home, Family Caregiver and PCA settings and community-based services through SSC and Community Connector Services.

Individual Residential Services and Supports (IRSS)

BethelCare LLC will provide 24/7 daily support to persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).

Residential (IRSS)

Provide IRSS services to individuals wanting to live as independently as possible in the community of their choice.

Community Connector

provide CC services to individuals in the community.

Non-Medical Transportation

Provide Non-Medical Transportation services to individuals living in the community.

Employment Programs

We offers a wide variety of employment services from benefits education to comprehensive training on obtaining and retaining employment.

Community Living

We utilizes its vast network of qualified host homes and individuals to provide a safe and secure environment in order to live a happy and fulfilled life.


Individual Residential Services and Supports (IRSS)

BethelCare LLC will provide 24/7 daily support to persons with intellectual and developmental
disabilities (IDD). BethelCare LLC will provide IRSS services to individuals wanting to live as
independently as possible in the community of their choice. IRSS is provided to 3 or fewer
persons receiving services who live together in a personal care alternative (PCA) setting or a host
home (Host Home) setting. IRSS uses a variety of living arrangements individually designed to
meet each person’s needs. The individual may live in a home owned or leased by the agency,
their own home/apartment or a Host Home.

BethelCare LLC will utilize both the PCA and Host Home models as its service delivery options.
BethelCare LLC will offer PCA options designed to support 1-3 persons in services living
together. PCA settings are flexible environments that can be individualized to the meet each
person’s support needs. Settings may include the person’s own home/apartment or an agency
owned/leased property.

Host Homes are single-person caregivers, couples or families who open their home to a person
with IDD. Persons live in the home and receive support to live independently in the community
and home of their choice. BethelCare LLC will offer Host Home options designed to support 1-2
persons in services living together in a family home. However, if the persons in services agree
and the setting fits their needs, 3-person Host Home settings will be explored and allowed under
certain circumstances.

BethelCare LLC will take the lead in developing each person’s Individual Services and Supports
Plan (ISSP) and will serve as a key member of the person’s Interdisciplinary Team (IDT).
BethelCare LLC will monitor the quality of services on a monthly basis, provide 24-hour on call
support, nursing support, special diet accommodations, accessible homes, transportation to BETHELCARE LLC: ORGANZATON INFORMATION 2019 medical appointments, medication administration, access to community services, and opportunities to build meaningful relationships.
Persons can choose the model and environment that is best for them. If the available PCA or
Host Home options do not meet the persons needs or living choices, BethelCare LLC will
support the person to transition to another service provider.


BethelCare LLC will ensure that each person can lead and design their own person-centered plan intended to maximize independence and maintain health and safety. Services and supports will
vary according to the person’s own plan and support needs, but may include the following:
• Rights
o Ensure individuals are educated and understand their rights and how to use them
o Ensure the least restrictive interventions necessary to ensure an individual’s health
and safety
o Educate individuals when rights restrictions are necessary for health and safety
and ensure informed consent
• Person-Centered
o Provide choice and control of living environment, including interviewing and
choosing housemates and assistants
o Ensure person-centered practices and principles are implemented in each home
o Allow individuals to decorate and personalize home environment

o Provide opportunities for individuals to engage in meaningful community social
o Assist individuals to develop natural support networks
o Expose individuals to social networks and activities that are available to the
broader community
• Diet
o Provide individuals with balanced and nutritious meals and snacks
o Educate and expose persons to all aspects of food preparation/planning, including
shopping and meal preparation
o Provide individuals access to food and drink without restrictions, unless specified
in a restrictive diet or health protocol
• Medication
o Provide individuals with medication administration support according to their
level of self-medication
o Educate individuals regarding their medications and potential side effects,
particularly controlled substances
• Behavioral
o Assist individuals who may require behavioral support services
o Develop and implement an Individual Behavioral Services and Supports Plan
(IBSSP) as needed
o Track data, evaluate progress, and update the IBSSP on a regular basis

o Design and implement programs to develop and maintain activities of daily living
o Design and implement programs to develop and maintain life skills
o Design and implement programs to assist individuals to integrate into their
• Transportation
o Provide transportation support for non-medical, social, and employment activities
o Community integration
• Financial
o Assist individuals to have as much control over their personal finances as possible
o Manage resources, track receipts and keep an active record of all personal items
o Educate and expose individuals to money management skills